Fern Bay Little Scientists

Fern Bay has been busy with many experiments for National Science Week this week. Yesterday, we explored a variety of slimes. We made elmers slime, fluffy slime, and psyllium husk slime. Through making slime the children are experimenting and exploring with concepts of reactions and changes from liquids to solid, and exploring gravity and flow.…


National Science Week at Greta

Our National Science Week experiments have been in full swing at Greta! The children have explored aspects such as hypothesising, observing, investigating, predicting, analysing and evaluating. The experiments they have conducted so far include; creating storm clouds, exploring ‘germs’, salt paintings, rainbow clouds, lemon fizz and magnetic paintings.

Science Experiments Cardiff

The children and educators at Cardiff Tillys have been very busy with their science experiments today! The Echidna’s took part in the ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’ experiment. This is where we use a catalyst such as yeast and warm water mixed together to quickly decompose Hydrogen Peroxide which results in an erupting foam! The Koala’s engaged in…