The transition into primary school is a big milestone for you and your child.

Our program has been developed by qualified Early Childhood Teachers and in conjunction with feedback and input from local Primary Schools to ensure a smooth and successful transition for your family.

About our Transition to School Program

Our program focuses on providing a holistic program that offers opportunities to develop a range of social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills. Our aim is to provide your child with experiences which encompass the wide range of skills and development to continue their life long journey of learning and the expectations for their ongoing formal schooling environment.

There is equal importance placed on play-based learning opportunities and planned intentional teaching experiences between educators and children. The Transition to School program provides guidance for educators whilst allowing for flexibility and responsiveness to each individual child and group of children.

Educators will implement the Transition to School program for the children going to Primary School on a daily basis, however the underpinning principles and practices will be embedded in the Preschool Room curriculum as a whole.

As part of the Transition to School program, each week we will focus on a specific learning area/subject (rotating between literacy, mathematics, cutting, etc.) and coordinate a group discussion (relating to Primary School) or a physical activity session (focusing on specific skill development).

For more information on our Transition to School program, please contact your local centre.