Staff Spotlight – Maureen

Staff Spotlight – Maureen! Maureen “Mauz” has been a part of our Rutherford Tillys Family since 2019. Maureen is the service Educational Leader for our LDC, working on and off the floor supporting our management team and educators. Maureen shows dedication and commitment to bring our service philosophy to life while mentoring and facilitating growth…


Rutherford Sorry Day

On Thursday the 26th of May the Little Hippo room at Rutherford reminded themselves and taught the children the importance of sorry day. They banded together to create a beautiful artwork recognising the mistreatment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and how we are working together towards reconciliation.

Rutherford and Kids & Traffic

Last year, Tillys at Rutherford formed a partnership with Kids and Traffic who run the NSW Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program. It forms part of the statewide road safety education program of Transport for NSW. Our directors, educators and management team were involved in creating a video which explains the outstanding safety procedures we…