At Tillys Play and Development Centres our programs focus on the holistic development of each child as an individual. We believe that each area of development affects another and as such no one area is more or less important than another. These areas include your child’s emotional development, social skills and confidence, their talking and listening skills, their fine and gross motor skills and their concentration, problem solving and thinking skills. These are the skills essential for a positive childhood and transition to school.

Our programs are grounded by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and My Time, Our Place Framework for School Aged Care and begin with the relationships we forge with our children and their families. These positive relationships create a secure and happy environment for your children, which then lays the basis for a positive foundation of learning. We also believe that your child’s learning journey is a partnership between the educators in our centre, your child and your family. This means that with Tillys you can be involved in every step of your child’s journey to whatever level you feel comfortable with.

Our programs are backed by extensive research and as such, in line with current literature in our field, are heavily play based. Current research and literature in regards to early childhood Learning and development and the effect it has on school performance has shown that children learn best and develop deepest understandings through play. This research is increasingly being adopted by primary schools with many Kindergarten and Early Stage One class rooms incorporating play sessions into their daily routine for the amazing learning benefits it promotes. Play provides opportunities to develop every single skill, knowledge and understanding in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Current brain research shows that the more comfortable, happy and safe a child feels, the more their brain readily accepts and stores new information and skills. It’s also essential in the early years that children are provided the opportunity to repeatedly practice skills in a hands on, active manner and our flexible play based programs are perfect for this.

Our qualified educators have the training and skills to intentionally guide your child’s play journey to ensure they reach their potential in every aspect of their learning. Programs are individually tailored for each child. Educators observe each child during play, document their play and then analyse this documentation using developmental theory, current research and the Early Years Learning Framework. From the Educator’s analysis they plan further play experiences or intentional teaching experiences to extend on your child’s skills and understanding to ensure that they are constantly moving forward on their learning journey.

So what are some of the things you expect to see in our programs? Music, Literacy, Sustainability, Art, Maths, Science, Dramatic Play, Dancing, Gardening, Climbing, Exploring, Researching, Technology, Puzzles, Conflict Resolution, Empathy, Animal Care, Problem Solving, Excursions and Incursions, Independence and Self Help Skills, Choices, Friendships and endless amounts of Fun and Laughter!

Please feel free to visit any of our centres, where you can see examples of children’s learning portfolios and sample daily programs to see what our learning journey is all about! For additional information on some program specifics please click see Why Choose Tillys.