Enjoying the Rain at Tillys Play and Development Centre Bolwarra

One rainy day we decided to take full advantage of the wet weather which had created large puddles of water and a stream throughout our creek bed in our preschool yard.

After watching the rain fall throughout the day the children decided it would be a fabulous idea to explore their outdoor environment and investigate what the rain had created in our playground and normally dry creek bed.

First we took off our shoes and rolled up our long pants, we put on our hats and made our way down to the watery creek bed. At first it was a little cold, but before long we were making our way from one end of the water to the other, jumping in puddles and splashing in the water.

The children were able to use their senses to explore and investigate their outdoor environment, as well as consider scientific concepts such as temperature, sinking and floating, measuring through depth, and many more.

As the creek bed is filled with various sized rocks, pebbles and stones, the children extended on their balance and coordination as they carefully stepped their way over the uneven surface. This in turn developed their ability to take considered risks and be open to new challenges and discoveries.