National Plant a Tree Day at Tillys Play and Development Centre Muswellbrook

After seeking advice from Muswellbrook Council as to what vegetable plants we should plant, we spent the day re-planting our veggie garden. We planted some yummy carrots, beetroot, silver beet, lettuce and parsley, as well as a daisy and violet plant. We all have our fingers crossed that these plants will keep growing with lots of love, care and attention from our children and educators.

Taking part in National Plant a Tree Day was a wonderful experience for our children to be involved in, they were able to explore our natural environment whilst developing their knowledge of why we need to plant new vegetables, take care of them and what we can use our vegetables for.

Branxton Pet Shop also kindly donated to our centre some sunflower seeds for the children to plant on the day as well. We decided to plant the sunflower seeds into small zip lock bags so that the children were able to take them home and replant them into their own garden. Hence promoting and encouraging sustainability with our children and their families and the importance of looking after our environment.