Emergency Services at Tillys Play and development centre Muswellbrook.

In February we were seeing a lot of fires happening around the area. The educators observed the conversations the children were having about the fire and emergencies services. We then extended on this interest by providing resources to assist in the children in role play such as: using the hoses in loose parts to put the “fires” out and rescuing their educators and friends, dress ups, stories and information books on emergency services.

We continued this interest by using our smart board to research about the fire and emergency services. We asked the children what they knew about the roles they play in our community and then throughout these conversations the children would ask questions. We used the smart board to find out the answers and research with the children.

This was carried out over a few weeks. During this time our educators organised with the fire brigade to come out to the centre and talk to the children. They spoke to them about “STOP, DROP, COVER, ROLL” and “GO, GO, GO”. After speaking with the children we then had the opportunity to have a look though the fire truck. Everyone had a turn at squirting the big hose, we listened to the sirens and saw the lights flash. Even our nursery room came out and had a turn of sitting in the truck.

After the fire truck visit we began to explore other emergency services. Next was the police. We had two lovely Police women come in and talk the children. They spoke to the children about stranger danger, following the rules and about how their body is their body. An important part of this talk was so they children can build connections with the emergency services to know they are safe people who they can turn to in case they are ever in trouble. They spoke about how people wear uniforms and if they are in trouble or even just lost to look for someone in a uniform like theirs and ask them for help.

After the police visit, we organised with the local ambulance station for our preschool room to go and have a look around. We caught a bus to the station and when we arrived they had set up a trolley, the ambulance was open, and so was a few of their kits. Throughout the excursion Ambulance Officers talked to the children about what they should do if they found someone hurt or asleep and couldn’t wake them up. They told us what number to ring “000” as well as asked if we knew where we lived so we could tell the operator on the phone. We then had the opportunity to look through the ambulance, sit in the ambulance, they showed us their equipment they used and we even received some for ourselves. The children walked away with gloves, bandages, face masks as well as magnets, stickers and a certificate.

Since the ambulance station visit the children have been talking about where they live and asking lots of questions about our local area. This looks like it’s going to be our next interest area.