Exploring under the Sea at Tillys Play and Development Centre at Abermain

The children at Tillys Abermain have been exploring and learning about all creatures under the sea. To follow the children’s interest our educator Vanessa created an under the sea world in our home corner with the children. With help from the children they created a wave on the roof, placed under the sea pictures around the room and assorted art such as a sea animal collage, a big octopus and jelly fish made out of cups to hang down from the roof. A table was also set up with a variety of sensory experiences for the children to explore such as real coral pieces, water sensory bags with small sea animals inside for the children to touch and feel, lots of sea shells and a small coral reef made out of pool noodles and feather dusters. The under the sea world also included octopus fingers, flippers and beach dress ups for the children to engage in dramatic play.